Helicopter Charter and Services

Helicopter air taxi services are what we're centered around. However, we are much more capable of providing you with other services you may need in the Alaska bush.

Helicopter Charter Service


Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, we operate the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter, providing taxi service and much more. Surveyors, geologists, biologists and adventurers who need efficient, reliable, safe and personable helicopter service choose Alaska Land Exploration.

Courier Service

Alaska Helicopter Charter, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Cadastral Survey

On the job site or at home, when you're in a remote location and equipment breaks down, your project stops while you lose time, money and patience. That's where we come in. We'll transport the parts to repair your heavy-duty equipment, airplanes, pumps, motors and vehicles. And we can usually perform the repairs, to get you up and running fast.

Mechanic & Maintenance Service

If you're working or exploring in Alaska, you know anything can happen, any time of the year. Mining and construction equipment can break down. Seaplanes can flip. Work sites can come to a sudden halt. It's frustrating, inconvenient and costly. But we can help.

We're here to support you with vehicle recovery. We are equipped to pick up the necessary parts, quickly access remote work sites, and get your aircraft back on the job or to the airport. We'll support your entire project, from transporting parts and people, to performing repairs.

And while we're at it, why not have us pick up the groceries and supplies you need, too? Don't pay for two flights when you only need one!

Logistics Service

Planning a job in the Alaskan wilderness takes detailed planning and logistics. Let us take care of it, you'll save time and money. Our job is to make yours stress-free and more successful.

You might call Alaska Land Exploration a one-stop shop. Just one call gets you whatever you need for the job, and the helicopter to take you there.

Here's where we can help:

  • Assembling equipment lists
  • Creating food lists
  • Shopping for food, supplies and tools
  • Gathering gear
  • Prepping for transport
  • Setting up camp
  • Preparing meals