Alaska Wilderness Adventure Transport

When you have a helicopter at your beckon call there're not many places that are outside your reach. Let us help you make your Alaska adventure a success.

Wherever your imagination takes you, we have a way to make it happen.

Whether you're interested in remote cave explorations, ancient hot springs, or river rafting, we'll help you explore Alaska's wilderness. If you have an idea for an adventure, let us know. We'll help with the planning and logistics, and get you there and back safely.

Contact us to discuss your next adventure.

When you spend a month flying with someone every day you get to know them and let me tell you flying with Alex was great, his attitude, experience, and knowledge of flying made every day a pleasure. I never felt unsafe or unsure of anything he did, and it was great having a pilot that cared what we were doing and wanted to make it the best experience he could (so far as to leave his bug free bubble to help us surveyors chip holes in the middle of nowhere!)
Travis Baril, Alaska Surveyor
Alex Shapiro, Alaska air Charter service, Alaska Land Exploration