Fairbanks Helicopter Pilot - Alex Shapiro

Alaska helicopter pilot. Helicopter mechanic. Logistics pro..


Commercial Pilot, Helicopter
Certified Flight Instructor
Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic

Helicopter type rating:
Robinson R44

Education and Certifications:
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Aviation Maintenance Program

Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate
Part 133 External Load Operating Certificate

Alex Shapiro has always been a fixer of things, an independent spirit and an adventurer! He might be considered a little obsessive by those who know him well. But when it comes to choosing a helicopter pilot, obsessive is what you want.

His skill at the controls is just one quality that makes Alex the Alaska helicopter pilot you want by your side. He's also an experienced explorer of the rugged Alaskan backcountry, where problems can crop up at any time and unless you fix them, you're not going home. Over the years, he's developed the creativity and "whatever it takes" approach that makes him an indispensable partner.

Who do you want when you're out in the wilderness?

With Alaska Land Exploration, that's exactly what you get. Just concentrate on your work, and let Alex handle the rest.

Alex was my pilot while shooting aerials for the National Geographic series 'Ultimate Survival Alaska'. He absolutely saved the day. Beyond being an awesome pilot who helped us achieve amazing, kinetic, and difficult shots; Alex jumped at the opportunity to help us with a technical problem. When the battery we were using began to fail, Alex flew us back to base, and personally hard-wired our rig to the helicopter battery- and didn't even charge us for the time spent on the ground. We then returned to complete the shoot. What an incredible first impression Alex made. I cannot say enough about Alex's piloting skills and his attention to customer service. I'll always use Alex if he is available. Brent Meeske, Director of Photography, Ultimate Survival Alaska/Nat Geographic

Fairbanks Helicopter for Charter - Robinson R44 Raven II

We fly the 2008 Robinson R44 Raven II, an efficient and reliable helicopter for transporting passengers and cargo. She's well maintained and well loved, so she's clean, flexible and well behaved when you need to get the job done.

Our R44 loves spending time in remote areas and national parks that most people never get to see.


We depend and rely on our equipment. You can, too.

Alex is an Alaska-trained helicopter mechanic, which means regular maintenance and needed repairs are done right away, and done right. He believes in fixing minor problems before they become big issues.

When you fly with Alaska Land Exploration, you're in the capable hands of a pilot who really cares about his helicopter, your experience and your safety.

Over the course of the summer I was impressed with your ability to adapt to difficult situations. When challenged you responded in a professional manner and learned on the fly. Great job Alex, I hope I get the opportunity to fly with you again.

Matt Brockamp,